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This is a sampling of ME ICM images I created during a visit to New York City in May 2023. I'm still working through the images from this trip and will be adding to this gallery over the next few weeks.

All images seen here have been created in-camera as multiple exposures using the various ME options and blend modes available with the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 5D Mark IV.

The journey continues, as I play, explore, and experiment with evolving this technique to create uniquely expressive images that speak to my own individual artistic vision.

I teach this technique in an online course through Santa Fe Workshops, and I teach this technique on-location through immersive ICM retreats as part of the ICM Photography Magazine (ICMPhotoMag) project.

Prints of all images are available in a variety of sizes and print medium options, such as premium photo paper, metal/aluminum, acrylic, and canvas.

Please contact me for print requests - Contact
Manhattan Skyline from BrooklynNYC SkylineManhattan Skyline from the Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeManhattan Skyline from BrooklynManhattan Skyline from the Brooklyn BridgeTimes SquareGuggenheim MuseumGuggenheim MuseumManhattan Skyline from BrooklynOn BroadwayNYC SkylineManhattan Skyline from BrooklynBrooklyn BridgeTimes SquareManhattan Skyline from BrooklynGuggenheim MuseumManhattan Skyline from Brooklyn