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The images seen in these online gallery were created by the ICM Mastery Workshop participants in response to practical application assignments where they were asked to specifically work with various ICM techniques across five lessons during the course.

All images on this page and in these galleries are © by the individual photographers listed.  All rights reserved. 
Images may not be copied, duplicated, or shared outside these galleries or this website.

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Assignment #1 - Basic ICM TechniquesAssignment #1 - Basic ICM Techniques
Assignment #1
Basic ICM Techniques
Assignment #2 - Advanced ICM TechniquesAssignment #2 - Advanced ICM Techniques
Assignment #2
Advanced ICM Techniques
Assignment #3 - Multiple Exposure ICMsAssignment #3 - Multiple Exposure ICMs
Assignment #3
Multiple Exposure ICMs
Assignment #4 - Mobile ICMsAssignment #4 - Mobile ICMs
Assignment #4
Mobile ICMs
Assignment #5 - Revisit ICM TechniquesAssignment #5 - Revisit ICM Techniques
Assignment #5
Revisit Previous ICM Techniques