Healing Light: A Collection of Color
Stephanie Johnson

This e-book is a collection of original ICM (intentional camera movement) images early in my ICM journey, taken from 2018 to 2019.  Each image is paired with an inspirational quote reflective of the ideas, feelings, emotions, and concepts I wish my images to convey.  

I have devoted my photographic career the past several years to the exploration of abstract ICM work as part of a vision to see the world differently...in less literal ways, and more the essence of things.

This e-book was initially created as a companion to a 10 piece hanging exhibition that was held from July to November 2019, at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  Prints of the images in this e-book are available in a variety of sizes and print medium options, such as premium photo paper, metal/aluminum, acrylic, and canvas.  Please contact me for print requests - Contact

A video trailer of the e-book may be viewed here - Healing Light Video Trailer

Digital copies of the e-book may be purchased here for
$5 (USD)