Exciting New ICM & Creative Photography Retreat in Cornwall, England 
a Collaboration between Stephanie Johnson and Bill Ward
Tentatively Planned for

November 2023

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Together, Stephanie and Bill bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion, and love that are unparalleled in the genre ICM and Creative Photography.  They also each have very dedicated practices for guiding, mentoring, and coaching others to find their own creative paths with ICM and Creative Photography.

In a 3-night retreat, in one of the most spectacular, wild, and rugged landscape locations in all of the United Kingdom, Stephanie and Bill provide immersive experience of inspiration, creativity, and artistic expression for participants working with ICM, Multiple Exposure ICM, and other Creative Photography techniques. 

Planning of all the fine details for this retreat is still underway, but some really wonderful and exciting experiences are being lined up...all in the majestically beautiful and rugged, far west coastal area around Cornwall.

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Stephanie is the Founder & Creator of 
ICMPhotoMag - ICM Photography Magazine

Stephanie is an accomplished and recognized leader of ICM Photography, who has dedicated the past several years to perfecting her style and technique.  She leads ICM workshops online and around the world, and is a passionate advocate for encouraging others to see and to experience the world in new ways.

Bill is the Creative Mind Behind 
Bill Ward Photography

Bill is an award-winning British actor and photographer, who is constantly in search of peace and quiet, and creative photography is one of the tools he uses to find that.  He is drawn to water and landscapes, and the time he spends there is a deliberate attempt to explore how it feels to be there in the moment.


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