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I am a globally recognized leader in ICM photography. My primary photographic and artistic focus is on ICM photography, and I have done extensive work with ICM, prolifically capturing more than 230,000 frames of ICM to date.

I am the Founder and Creator of ICM Photography Magazine, and I am a co-founder of The ICM Experience, which is a premium on-location ICM retreats provider. I also co-lead/co-mentor an ICM membership community, based on encouraging and inspiring photographers to learn more about ICM photography and to explore more deeply their own individual artistic and creative vision.

Additionally, I teach ICM and ME ICM photography with the highly regarded Santa Fe Workshops, both online and on-location. I also lead location-based ICM workshops in a number of global locations, such as Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland, the US, and more, on my own and in collaboration with other highly respected creative photographers. I also work with a number of online photography communities to provide interactive learning opportunities with ICM and creative photography.

In my camera club presentations about ICM photography, I talk about what ICM is and how I became primarily dedicated to ICM as a photographer, and I share my personal philosophy about the art and beauty of intentional camera movement.

I give a basic tutorial on ICM photography techniques, and I provide a number of before and after examples.

Some advanced techniques, such as multiple exposure, ICM, are also discussed, along with sample images.

I also provide numerous example images of various ICM movements, along with my personal camera settings for the images.

Additionally, I talk about my ongoing global ICM project, ICM Photography Magazine, and how this project and its extensions are celebrating ICM photographers and bringing awareness to the art of ICM around the world.

If your camera club or organization is interested in a presentation or talk on ICM photography:
Please contact me to discuss the fee details and to book a date.
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