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Creative Light Photo Journeys

     I'm currently working to create a set of destination workshops which will include the following elements as part of a series called Creative Light Photo Journeys

  • Landscape Photography
  • Abstract/Creative Photography (using the technique of intentional camera movement)
  • Spiritual & Personal Growth Mentoring 
  • Guided Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises
  • Introduction to Healing Crystals & Essential Oils

Not Your Average Photography Workshop Experience

     These workshops are about so much more than just taking you to a location and helping you make better photographs.  You will assuredly learn to make better photographs -- BUT, you will also come away from these workshops with so much more that you can carry into your everyday life.     

     More than just photography workshops, these will be journeys of light and self-discovery, using your camera as a tool of awareness to experience and 'see' the beautiful outer landscapes of the locations we will be visiting and the inner landscapes of yourself in new, more powerful and meaningful ways. 

     The lessons you will learn on these photo journeys will easily transfer to your everyday life, with the hopeful intention of inspiring you to live a more creative and fulfilling life.  A life more connected to nature and to your inner self.

Getting Out

    We will get out into the landscapes while learning to get out of our head-space and into our heart-space, with the purpose of tapping into the creative life force that dwells within nature, as well as within each and every one of us.

Seeing the Light

     Light is an essential aspect of both photography and spiritual awareness.  Light also has the ability to reflect our inner landscape back to us through the way in which we see the outer landscape.  

  • When we see the beauty that exists in nature, we can also see the beauty that exists within ourselves
  • When we connect to the meaning and purpose within us, we can then make more meaningful and purposeful connections to the world outside of us

Exploring Composition

     You will be encouraged to explore compositions that speak to both your visual and your artistic aesthetic, tapping into creativity so as to unleash the inner artist and also to connect to your inner spirit.  Exploration will continue with learning to 'see' things differently in order to create new meaning and connections to the world around you.  

     When we learn to see things differently, the things we see become more connected to us.

Capturing the Essence

     We will look at creating traditional landscape images of our beautiful surroundings, but we will also spend time learning to create abstract images which capture more the essence of the landscape than the literal form of the landscape.  

     These exercises will be a bridge that connects our photographic work to our inner/spiritual work, because seeing the essence of things, in and of itself, requires us to look beyond form to 'see' what lies beneath the surface.  Doing this encourages and enables us to connect more fully to our spiritual nature -- not from any dogmatic religious perspective or context, but from the creative life force that dwells within each of us.  Whether you believe in any particular religion, philosophy, or spiritual teaching is not the focus here.  Each of us understands God, the Universe, the Source (whatever you want to call it) in our own unique way, and the purpose of these workshops is to encourage you to tap into that creative force in whatever way you understand it.

Making a Difference

     The purpose for all of what we will do on the photo journeys really is to make a difference in the world around us and to serve the higher good of all humanity. 

  • When we get out of our head-space and into our heart-space, we approach life from a place of infinite love
  • When we see the light, we realize everything is inter-connected and we appreciate everything more
  • When we explore different ways of seeing, we find that the things we look at change and our lives change as a result
  • When we look beyond form to the essence of things, we learn to see beauty in new and unexpected ways

     As we begin to apply all these concepts to our photography, we create better images.  As we begin to apply all these concepts to our lives, we create better lives...and when we do this, we make a difference in the world around us in meaningful and intangible ways.

Creative Light Photo Journeys

     So, the idea here is to integrate photography, meditation, spirituality, and a deeper connection to the natural world to inspire transformation and creative awareness of both the inner landscapes of ourselves and the outer landscapes of the environment. 

     I believe the two go hand-in-hand, and photography has had a big role in my own transformation and creative awareness, so I feel called to serve others in a way that will help facilitate their own transformations and creative awareness by sharing the lessons and experiences I've learned along my own journey.  

     In the meantime, please feel free to have a look around my website using the links above.  Here you will see the kind of photographic and creative work I've done up to this point.  Much of what I've learned through the process of creating these images -- about light, photography, nature, myself, my spirituality, and my own connection to a higher power -- will be shared through this new endeavor of Creative Light Photo Journeys.

     Thank you so much for visiting!  

     In the light of creative love, joy, and peace...