The images in each of the ICM portfolios and in the Lunar Eclipse portfolio are all in-camera, single frame images using a technique known as intentional camera movement (ICM) to create the resulting abstract effect. Each image has been processed in Lightroom to make minor adjustments to exposure, white balance, highlights, shadows, clarity, vibrance, and things of that nature, other than these minor adjustments no manipulation was done in post-processing to create the effect seen here.

The images in the Creative Works portfolio are either computer manipulated and/or enhanced abstracts.

My goal with these projects is to create artistic images from ordinary and often overlooked scenes, which reveal the essence of nature and inspire you to 'see' beauty in new ways.


Prints of all images are available in a variety of sizes and print medium options, such as premium photo paper, metal/aluminum, acrylic, and canvas.

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Premium Photo Paper (Print Only) -
Print Size & Price

11x14 - $60
12x18 - $100
16x24 - $125
20x30 - $150
24x36 - $175
30x50 - $235
36x48 - $260

Exhibit Mount Metal Prints -
Print Size & Price

8x12 - $150
12x18 - $275
16x24 - $425
20x30 - $600
24x36 - $875
30x50 - $1200

All other print sizes and print surfaces by special request. Please visit this page for more information - How to Order Prints