Exciting New ICM Retreat in the Scottish Outer Hebrides
a Collaboration between Stephanie Johnson and Shona Perkins
in association with ICM Photography Magazine and My Beautiful Scotland

13-18 November 2023

New Dates to Be Announced Soon

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Announcement FlyerAnnouncement Flyer

Together, Stephanie and Shona bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion, and love for ICM photography, but also for guiding, mentoring, and coaching others to find their own creative paths with ICM.

Join us for a 5-night retreat, in one of the most idillyc locations in the world, providing an immersive experience of inspiration, creativity, and artistic expression for participants working with Intentional Camera Movement. 

In addition to visiting some of the most iconic locations on these beautiful islands, there will be the exciting opportunity to have an image featured in the ICM Photography Magazine, and we will also send you home with a professional print of your best image from the retreat!

Planning of all the fine details for this retreat are still underway, but some really wonderful and exciting experiences are being lined up...all in one of the most beautifully stunning settings in the world.

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Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson

Shona Perkins
Shona PerkinsShona Perkins

Stephanie is the Founder & Creator of 
ICMPhotoMag - ICM Photography Magazine

Stephanie did some of her earliest ICM work on the Isle of Harris. She knows firsthand how very special the light and landscapes are in the Outer Hebrides for inspiring creativity with ICM. The Isles of Harris and Lewis still hold a very special place in her heart.

Shona is the Founder of 

Shona creates stunning ICM magic and knows the Outer Hebrides well. She has been featured in the ICM Photography Magazine where she has shared amazing ICM images of her own immersive experiences there and will share her special love and passion for this place.