Stephanie Johnson Photography (StephJohnPhoto) | Living Beyond Form

Contemplation is the act of thoughtful observation...of deep consideration and reflection. It is a purposeful and intentional way of ‘seeing’ that which is being observed.

Abstract landscape images, created through the applied use of intentional camera movement (ICM), show beauty does exist even in the most ordinary of scenes and in different ways than typically expected.

Combining this concept of abstract landscapes with the idea of observing the natural world in new, more meaningful, ways brings us closer to understanding the essence of all creation and allows us to more fully embrace, with wonder and gratitude, a life beyond the world of form.

When we make these kinds of purposeful and intentional connections to the natural world, we can begin to heal the inner landscapes of ourselves, as well as the outer landscapes of nature.
SpiresSpirit GrassEvening Light on Trees in SnowAbstract SunriseMorning Light, From Dark of NightMetamorphosis