Celebrating the Art & Beauty of ICM Photography Reimagining the World through ICM
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My Reimagined World ~ A Visual Journey


The Essence of Place through Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Photography


Reimagining the World through Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Photography


The Art & Beauty of ICM Photography - A Visual Journey


Expanding Creative Expression with Multiple Exposure ICM


Voice Guided Basic ICM Tutorial (Create in 2019)


My ICM style and techniques have evolved over the past several years, and I teach more advanced techniques in online workshop, as well as in location-based workshops through a variety of platforms, and I give about 30 camera club presentations each year. 

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Additional ICM Learning Resources

I am the Founder, Creator, and Publisher of ICM Photography Magazine, which is a great resource for learning, inspiration, and celebrating the artistry of ICM photography.

ICM Photography Magazine

Another great resource for sharing and learning in a collaborative, encouraging membership community is the:

ICMPhotoMag Network

I also co-lead online visual storytelling workshops 2-4 times per year
in collaboration with Kaisa Siren (Finland) and Morag Paterson (Scotland).

ICMPhotoMag Visual Storytelling Workshops